Blue and Gold Rally Update and Thank you!
Dear UTR members and community,
Last night the message at the WCCUSD School Board meeting was very clear. Over 700 advocates, parents, educators, and community members were present with two messages: Keep our educators in WCCUSD 
and NO to Rocketship Charter School.
Here were the facts about Rocketship from last night:

-All of our San Pablo Schools were present with students, parents, and educators including Lake, Bayview, Dover, Downer, and Helms!
-Rocketship calls themselves "Rocketship San Pablo" yet they did not have 1 single parent from the San Pablo Community present.
-Rocketship brought a bus from families of Antioch to advocate for this school and not families from our community, is this a school are community wants? Clearly not.
-We heard from families from our San Pablo schools that the way Rocketship got their signatures was by standing in front of last Montanas Supermarket and harassing parents to sign a petition to "support our schools" misleading our Latino population.
-We know that if Rocketship was to be accepted, they WILL be asking for a facility even though during their presentation they tried to mislead our board in saying they would first try to seek private investment. We know that's NOT true since their last 5 charters they said the same thing and ended up asking for the district to give them a facility. This means one of our schools WILL have to close in order to provide them with a facility. Which school will that be? We cannot afford to close any of our incredibly schools in WCCUSD.
-Board member Cuevas, Kronenberg, and Phillips challenged Rocketship last night during their discussion and we thank them for their support and standing up for our students!
-From the conversation of Rocketship they are purposely trying to move the deadline of the vote to December so that they can apply in the County. We will fight them all the way to the State if we have to and ask the Board not to comply with their demand and vote NO on their petition in January!

Here were the facts about retaining our educators in WCCUSD:

-UTR and advocates spoke about the urgency of raising educators salary so that our quality educators do not leave.
-We have a turn over of over 200 educators every year in WCCUSD with our Kennedy family being most effected with over 80% turn over in 5 years.
-We have become a training district that looses over $2,000,000 a year in training our teachers who are having to make the hard choice to continue teaching at a neighboring district.
-Parents, educators, and students need and want to keep our teachers to support the climate, culture, academic achievement, and future of our community schools.
-It was clear that the community stand with our platform that our priority in order to become a destination district is by supporting and keeping our educators.
-We ask the WCCUSD School Board to act now and provide a directive to their staff to give educators a 14% restoration to the salary schedule so we can support them. 

Please look below for some of our pictures, thank you everyone for coming! Through unity and solidarity we are one union!

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA