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Public Core is an organization of West Contra Costa County parents, teachers, community members, and school staff who fight for public control and accountability in our schools. We believe that public schools, open to all, are essential to the health of a democratic society. Our goal is high quality, inclusive public education for all students. We believe that the proliferation of privately-operated schools using public money will increase inequalities in education and in our society. We are dedicated to informing the public about the impact of publicly-funded, privately operated schools on our community.

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Charter School Operatives in the WCCUSD

as of July 2020

The charter “movement” in West Contra Costa County is professionally staffed and well paid. Here are some of the known advocates and their (generally paid) affiliations. Their salaries and benefits are paid by political interests that fund various organizations, including “astroturf” parent organizations. Any “helpful information” they provide to the community at large is driven by their political agendas.

If you see these people, or people affiliated with these organizations, commenting on social media, emailing information, and attending staffing events, we urge you to think critically about their message in the context of their role within the nationwide, and indeed statewide effort to privatize public education, starting with the OUSD, LAUSD, and WCCUSD.

Full Name


Role or Title


Hilary Harmssen


VP, Regional Advocacy, Northern California


Jill Scheible


Member Council

Works at Clayton Valley Charter School

Helen Wang


Regional Director, Bay Area






Jason Singer

Education Matters**

Executive Director





Tiffany Kang


Former Communications Manager
Now Communications Liaison for District 2, Oakland City Council

Maribel Lopez


Director of Community Leadership

Richard Pelayo


Former Managing Director, Member Campaign Study Team

Minnie Setty


Member, Leadership Council
Works at Chamberlin Family Foundation

Scottie Smith


Member, Leadership Council
Co-found of “The Blackboard” in WCCUSD

Natalie Walchuk


Executive Director





Raquel Antolin

Our Turn Action Network****

Education Reformer
Former organizer, SFER

Still lists most recent experience (as of 2019) as SFER on LinkedIn profile.
SFER op-ed:






*CCSA = California Charter School Association. Board members listed here:
**Education Matters was formed in 2014 as a PAC by Steve Chamberlin, WCCUSD Charter School Operator.
***GO WCC = GO Public Schools West Contra Costa. For a list of other GO WCC “team members,” see:
****Our Turn Action Network was formerly Students for Education Reform (SFER). The group is headquartered in New York and has a barebones website with no links to specific WCCUSD activities. It posts on Facebook, but many posts are boilerplate.

The following entities have representation on the CCSA Board of Directors and Member Council:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Charles and Helen Schaub Foundation
Doris & Donald Fisher Fund
Education for Change (Alameda County)
Great Public Schools Now
Hastings Fund
Walton Education Coalition